Friday, July 29, 2011

All About Radar

My little scientist had so much fun learning how radar works! We took a box and filled it with blocks and toys of various sizes, and then covered the top with paper without letting her see inside. Then the paper got a grid of 80 squares on top, and I gave each square a little hole with a poke from a sewing needle. We took a skewer and colored rainbow stripes around the bottom, each color indicating a different depth inside the box. Miss Scientist then poked the skewer through each hole, one at a time, and recorded the lowest color to show on the stick in her science journal, which also had an 80 block grid. Due to the items hidden inside the box, there a number of varying depths, and everyone (by this time, her sisters were watching in anticipation) got excited every time there was a new color. Finally, she recorded her data again on a 3rd 80 square grid, this time using the layers of color to actually "map" the topography inside of the box. Who would have thought such a simple project would have been so much fun, and give such a great understanding of how we use radar to map things we cannot see. Look at that joyful sense of accomplishment on her face! From schoolwork! I love it.

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