Monday, July 11, 2011

Simple Things

I get a surprising amount of pleasure from completing simple domestic acts. Sewing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, painting.... making jelly this morning while my daughters did their schoolwork at the table and the baby hung on to my legs and played with pots and pans. (I love the sense of satisfaction. It's even better than crossing things off of a list!) I can't help but laugh thinking about how much my life has changed in the last decade. There I was was, living in New York City, keeping Harry's Burritos and the diner around the corner in business I had them delivered so often. I worked long hours, went out late...I'm pretty sure my oven didn't even work, but I couldn't say for sure since we used it for storage.
My husband loves to laugh and say that he "domesticated" me. We both know, though, that that isn't quite the case. I fell in love. I had someone to care for, and I found out I liked it.  Soon I had a little someone to care for as well, and then another. And so on. Taking care of someone else made me step outside of myself. Outside of what I felt like, what I wanted, what mattered to me. These people I love matter more to me than I ever would have thought possible, and though they love to do things for me (“Mom, why don’t you go sit down with a book? I’ll bring you some tea. I can take care of everything for a little bit.”)I find that I love to find the things that make them happy. Most of the time that is simply being a wife and mama. Today it was making grape jelly and hanging out by the pool. Caring for them, even in the little things, is my way to show love. My little piece of happily ever after.

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